Drusilla Cole The Pattern Sourcebook

This stunning picture book chronicles one hundred years of classic patterns, featuring designs in a wide variety of styles, art movements and countries of origin to give an overview of surface design from the beginning of the last century to the present day.
The book is full of original patterns from textiles, wallpaper, furniture and ceramics and other decorative designs, drawn from a wide range of sources, including the rarely seen archives of leading manufacturers and private collections. Images are arranged by colour and retro and contemporary images come together so that exciting and unexpected juxtapositions occur.
Featuring stunning patterns from celebrated artists, such as Henry Moore and Eduardo Paolozzi, to contemporary practitioners, such as Eley Kishimoto and Rob Ryan, this rich visual history of patterns will be a source of inspiration to designers everywhere.


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  1. Liz Colebrook avatar
    Liz Colebrook Jul 12, 2017

    Dru, I love your work. The colour, shape, texture, depth, warmth, subject, power and beauty. Thank you for sharing your amazing creativity.